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Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn Nets

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At the onset of a major organizational overhaul, the Brooklyn Nets needed to communicate a clear shift from previous years and generate excitement about the direction the team was moving without over-promising on-court success. Forced to climb out of a hole of unsuccessful and shortsighted win-now deals from past leadership, this new team is forced to find success in overlooked places, to nurture and trust in potential,  and to simply outwork their competition — all traits that are strangely familiar to the borough in which they make their home.

Worked on at Doubleday & Cartwright.

Needing to launch the campaign without showcasing specific players, we built a campaign using images that focused on the idea of camaraderie, hustle and hard work. Photos by Anthony Blasko.

Out of Home and Print media placements.  In-arena and apparel design.

NETS_PlayerCombosLargeArtboard 2.jpg

Media Day Photoshoot. Photos by Nathaniel Butler.

“Brooklyn Grit” digital campaign assets

The 2016-17 Season marked 50 years of the Nets franchise. We designed this patch to be used for any 50th Anniversary promotions including a patch worn on opening night.

Concept designs to commemorate identities of past Nets teams but reinterpreted in the current brand aesthetic

Archival items from Nets history to be shared throughout the season on social media and in in-game brochures

Content Strategy Framework

We developed a content strategy that enabled flexibility in message while ensuring an overall consistent message that was in-line with the organization’s vision.

TV Spot script + storyboard

Here in Brooklyn
Every court’s an opportunity.
When you step on this stage,

You stake your claim
You got to go all out and  hustle hard
Because here in Brooklyn,
Nothing comes easy
There’s no shortcut to glory
No such thing as overnight success
You get exactly the rep you deserve
Because here, in Brooklyn,
You’ve got to earn it
every step of the way. 


Test edit for aesthetic and pacing only. Footage by Justin Hogan (Thanks Camera); Edit by Travis Pitcher (The Good Line).