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• branding and identity design •

We were asked to design an identity from co:collective that shifted public perception from friendly consultancy to bold innovation company. We developed design templates, collateral and a website to activate the identity. Worked on in collaboration with Tiffany Rolfe, Annette Lay, Caitlin Bradley, and Lorelei Bandrovschi.


True to it’s name, co: is all about collaboration. We designed the mark around the intrinsic circular geometry of the letterforms to emphasize openness, invitation and wholeness, while shortening the mark to the more colloquial “co:”

The baseline of the visual system is one of clarity and boldness: simply geometry, strong colors and clear typography.
Within this system, the handmade elements add the energy, excitement and creativity on top of the system without feeling too messy.

We established a visual language of highlights, strikethroughs, underlines, annotation and overlays to illustrate the iterative and sometimes chaotic nature of the co: creative process.

co: curates their team based on a unique set of diverse talents rather than position titles. So rather than showcasing the team as a series of portraits and titles, we wanted to express personality and different interests and skills that each individual brings to the team.