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There’s something special about putting on a pair of Timberland boots. Almost immediately, there’s a sense of accompanying invincibility, the feeling that you can do anything. These boots have been in lumberyards, construction sites, disaster zones, urban streets, dance halls and office spaces all around the world. And that idea that they can provide a sense of confidence anywhere you go is what we found to be at the heart of the Timberland brand.  

We found that this attribute is core to what people want in the world today: products, services and connections that seamlessly plug into their lives and help them to keep moving forward, no matter the circumstances. We believe this is true to what Timberland has provided for decades and can help shape the strategic framework for communication and product innovation moving forward.

Our work resulted in the definition and execution of The Modern Trail, a phenomenon that we believed to be true in the world, yet d undefined. The Modern Trail has been the lynchpin of the Timberland brand ever since.

Worked on at co:collective.


Images from mood board created for the  development and discovery of the Modern Trail.

modern trail Manifesto


When we think of a trail, we imagine the outdoors, dirt, trees, fresh air and wildlife. Where we need traditional tools to survive—a tent, rations and maybe a map. Ultimately, people on this trail want to escape the everyday, brave the elements, conquer a mountain and their own personal goals.

But today there’s a new trail. And it’s not just outdoors. It’s inside, outside and beyond. It crosses cities and countryside and everywhere in between. It’s uptown and downtown. It’s offline and on. It’s not about escaping the everyday, it’s about exploring it.

And on any given day, we could be moving between home, work and play and back again. Our mobile phones syncing, apps alerting us to new opportunities close by, social media connecting us so we can share experiences and ideas. Because on this trail, we accomplish great things together.

Conditions here are unpredictable. From a slight chance of rain, to a good chance for a dinner out. Our style needs to adapt, so we can take advantage of every opportunity this new trail has to offer.

This trail is charged up, constantly changing, always exhilarating. This is the Modern Trail. And it's ours for the taking.


We brought the story of the Modern Trail to life through the stories of those living it every day. Accompanying those stories, we fleshed out the attributes required to thrive on the Modern Trail, developed visual and verbal guidelines and established content strategy frameworks to build on.   

We’ve seen the Modern Trail come to life both in brand communications and organic content on social media, adhering to the benchmark standards set forth in the beginning.

The Modern Trail campaign kicked off with the influencial style bloggers, art directors and entrepreneurs, Street Etiquette — a creative duo we believed strongly represented the ethos of the Modern Trail. 


Timberland’s Mark Maker section of the website has evolved from influencer spotlights to a Guide for the Modern Trail. Tips, how-to’s, maps, stories both inspire and educate people on how to make the most of life on the Modern Trail. Creative work executed by Yard NYC.

 Timberland launched the  first campaign, Made for the Modern Trail, with Yard NYC based on strategic and creative work developed at co:collective


 Sample design explorations developed in collaboration with Triboro Design